Camping near Vannes

Discover the capital of Morbihan

30 km from the campsite, Vannes is a beautiful city of art and history that surprises with its rich architectural heritage. Discover the Gallo-Roman ramparts, historic districts and innumerable half-timbered houses, without forgetting the marina, nestled at the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan

A unique architectural heritage in southern Brittany!

Among the emblematic sites, the tower of the Constable and the ramparts testify to the rich historical past of Vannes. Erected between the third and the seventeenth century and particularly well preserved, the urban walls of Old Vannes is really impressive. The Saint Vincent Gate is the main entrance to the old town since the 16th century. Once you cross the old arcaded bridge, you enter the intramural city. Head to the castle of Hermine, the former residence of the Dukes of Brittany, now a place of exhibitions. The visit continues on rue Saint-Guenhael, Place Henri-IV or Rue Burgault, which houses, among other things, magnificent houses with corbels and colored wood, facades with corbels and carved stones. There are at Vannes no less than 180 original houses built from the late Middle Ages to the end of the Ancien Régime. After Rennes, Vannes is the second largest city in Brittany!

If you have time, linger around St. Peter's Cathedral, a beautiful Gothic building built on the foundations of an old Romanesque cathedral in the 15th century.

If you like museums, discover Château-Gaillard, a fine example of medieval civil architecture. The old mansion now houses the Museum of History and Archeology Vannes.

Going down to the marina, you enter Place Gambetta with its cafes and restaurants crowded. The opportunity to have a break on the terrace, facing the port!

The marina of Vannes

Located in the heart of the city, Vannes Marina is one of the most active ports in South Brittany. For boaters, it is a safe shelter, wide open on the Gulf of Morbihan and the islands of South Brittany. For others, it is the starting point of a beautiful walk to the peninsula of Conleau or the bridge of Kérino.

Gulf Aquarium
One of the most beautiful in France open all year
Gulf Park - 56000 VANNES.
Phone 0810 406 901.
Fax 02 97 40 54 40

Butterfly Garden
Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and grace of exotic butterflies. Admire them flying in complete freedom around you. It's everywhere! A true festival of colors and shapes comes alive before your eyes!

Butterfly Garden
Gulf Park - 56000 VANNES
Phone 0810 406 901.
Fax 02 97 40 54 40