The village center is home to old houses for some of them over 300 years old that have withstood the troubles and time.

Rocked by nearly 4000 years of history, Piriac sur Mer, seaside resort of character, was able to preserve and enhance the witnesses of its rich and tumultuous history.

Marina :

Piriac can boast of having its port in the 18th century with the construction of the first pier in 1758. Proudly protected by the village church, it has evolved over time, and can now accommodate 780 boats pontoons and a score for beaching.

A fishing dock includes a small fifteen professionals. The major feature of the port is access to the wet dock by an overhead door that opens and closes the tides when the level reaches 2 meters 40 low.

An unmissable walk, the port is a true entertainment hub and will satisfy lovers of the sea and water sports: sailing school, sea kayaking, old sailing, diving, fishing guide bars, aquatic center, walks sea ​​fishing on foot ...