Camping near Piriac-sur-mer

Small town of character with typically Breton charm

20 km from the campsite, Piriac-sur-Mer is an authentic "small city of character" seaside as we like them. It is also a popular seaside resort for families who come to the tip of the Guérande peninsula for a pleasant day.

A small picturesque city of Loire-Atlantique

In the 19th century, great writers and artists came to spend the summer in Piriac. Alphonse Daudet, Émile Zola and Alphonse de Châteaubriant, to name but a few. One hundred and fifty years later, one would almost feel that nothing has changed in this former fishing village. It must be said that Piriac-sur-Mer has kept everything of its stamp of yesteryear. It is easy to be carried away by the charm of history and old stones, the narrow streets, the beautifully flowered alleys of hydrangeas and granite houses several centuries old. A decor that recalls, here better than elsewhere in Loire-Atlantique, the Breton origins of the city. And to be more convinced, just go down on the port of Piriac.

A small seaside village

The marina of Piriac-sur-Mer lived its hours of glory in the seventeenth century during the "Grande Pêche" cod in Newfoundland. Today, boaters mingle with the last fishermen and the port is offered to each one as a place of walk and very pleasant relaxation. The favorite of the campsite? From the port, go kayaking around Dumet Island, the only maritime island in Loire-Atlantique!
The small streets and the port of Piriac have given you all their secrets? Do not go back to your campsite as fast! Take the customs road along the beaches, coves and cliffs to reach the tip of Castelli.