Enjoy the pleasures of a stay in a campsite on a pitch or in a rent with swimming-pool, between sun and relaxation.

The whole family can spend a pleasant moment in our aquatic space, with well heated water through play and for relaxation equipment suitable for children and adults.

Reserved for customers staying, open from 10 AM to 9 PM, shorts unauthorized for hygiene purposes.
Footbath accessible for wheelchair and strollers.

In the opening period slides are closed during lunch period to enable people around having a little quiet.

Aqua Eclis is officially open ! This new space includes :

  • a Balneotherapy which can welcome all the family, you can go there until 8 persons
  • 2 Water cannons, for a soft and relaxing massage
  • a pool for swim and plays

a big waterslide river over 60m long of descente boat buoy or down to 3 !! Some to have fun under the sun and in front of sea !