Wildlife park "Planete sauvage"

By car or 4x4, visit the 16 forest parks with lakes, waterfalls and meadows of the wildlife park Planète Sauvage.
Admire lion, tiger, kangaroo, rhinoceros, bison and many others, evolving on more than 100 hectares... but also the great dolphins of the marine city during shows and animations rich in emotion.

Enter the Ark of Reptiles to discover crocodiles and snakes.
Realize the jungle course of 250m on bridges of vines between 3 and 5 meters high, in the middle of a tribe of macaques...

Plus: Spend a full night camping in the animal park, with the program: campfires, African tales and thrills guaranteed.

Visit possible until 4PM to 5PM depending on the season.

Planète Sauvage
La Chevalerie

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