Water ski & Jet ski

Thrill seeker, discover water skiing and jet skiing

You are crazy about gliding and speed and you like the water, then you will love water skiing and jet skiing ...

The sailing school Passengers of the Wind in La Baule introduces you to water skiing in all safety.
Accessible from 9 years, come and try to practice easy and fun, combining sports and gliding speed. You will learn to move in the wake of the boat, the waves move, jump and run your skiing.

L'Espace Quilly delight lovers of extreme sensations by offering initiations and jet ski rentals ... The site is located in Quilly, near La Baule.

To indulge in the joys of sliding sports or rent catamarans, windsurfers, water skiing, jet skiing or wakeboarding

Sailing school in La Baule
Passengers of the Wind
Avenue de Saumur 44500 La Baule
Tel: 02 40 11 13 51

Quilly space for a jet ski session
Espace Quilly
Waterhole Fontenelles - Quilly 44750
Tel: 02 40 88 12 12