Outdoor swimming pool

The outdoor part of the aquapark is open from May to September

If the night temperatures aren't too low and the water a bit warm, we generally open earlier.

The outdoor swimming pool has :

  • Waterslides, including 2 "Pentaglisses"
  • A waterfall
  • A Main pool
  • A relaxation pool
  • A leisure pool, with a small counter-current river.

You can lay down on modern and comfy long chairs, light enough to be moved pretty easily. You will be sheltered under bamboo umbrellas, in an enjoyable natural setting with real rocks and vegetation.

A heated basin near the beach

The water is heated to 28°. We cannot, however, guarantee this temperature (28°) on a permanent basis, as the weather conditions may affect the temperature. Despite our installations (2 heat pumps and 50m² of solar panels) the temperature may vary towards the beginning and end of season, especially the outdoor section of the pool.

For your safety, a bracelet must be worn during your stay (May to September), in the swimming pool and on site.

All customers must use the footbath and shower before entering the pool complex. For your comfort, a shelf for shoes storage is at your disposal and you can freshen up with the shower sprayer.

The area is under video surveillance. Parents are responsible for their children's access to the swimming pool. Unaccompanied children won't be granted access at the gate. Security measures are displayed at all time at the entrance of the aquapark.