A large Playground campsite in Loire-Atlantique

L’Eclis Kids Park dedicated to children from 2 to 12 years old

At Camping Le Moulin de l'Eclis, we think a lot about children, that's why we have made a large Playground facing the sea, a mega outdoor structure with many activities to climb , slide, run, jump .... with new friends, in perfect security.

It's even more fun in the outdoors, free access and included in your stay.
The Eclis Kids Park is 231m² of play area, on the theme of the Fishery that can accommodate up to 90 children.
An off-standard Playground of 18.35m wide x 12.58m long, is facing the sea.
The children remain under the responsibility of their parents.

The Eclis Kids Park is :

  • 2 slides,
  • 1 cabin, 1 suspension bridge,
  • 3 cabins
  • 1 vertical and square rope tunnel,
  • 1 large oblique net and 1 monkey bridge,
  • 1 balance rope, 1 beam, 1 spider net, 1 twisted net,
  • 1 large oblique net and 1 suspension bridge,
  • 1 climbing net and 1 fixed bar,
  • 1 twisted scale
  • playful panels for the little ones.

Come and discover this universe!