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Pont-Mahé, a mega Spot Kite Surf to start and practice!

Camping SANDAYA Moulin de l'Eclis with kitesurf school in the bay of Pont-Mahé

Enjoy your camping holiday in Assérac to discover kitesurfing in the Bay of Pont-Mahé, a spot known for Kite Surf lovers between the Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique. It is in an exceptional natural environment classified Natura 2000 that you will like to combine relaxation in camping, adrenaline rushes and practice of kitesurf in complete freedom. After a few lessons with a state-certified instructor, get ready to take off and discover new sensations!

The advantages of Pont Mahe for the practice of Kite Surf

  • A body of water smooth, great for sailing!
  • A lot of wind from May to September,
  • No wave,
  • Shallow water, you have foot everywhere!
  • Closed bay, no obstacle so reassuring

A spectacular gliding sport that is becoming more and more followers!

Since its appearance on the Atlantic coast in the late 90s, kitesurfing, also known as flysurf, has become a very popular water sport. Today there are more than 200,000 practitioners in the world, including about 40,000 in France. The aim of the game ? Slide on a small surfboard while being towed by a kite that is called a wing. The kitor is attached to the wing with a harness. It controls its trajectory with the help of a bar or 2 handles that activate a wing of traction allowing to slide on the water and to take off with an astonishing facility, if the wind is of the part of course!

Your vacation rental, beach and kite school in one place!

Looking for a kitesurfing course with accommodation or a vacation rental to practice your favorite sport as often as possible? The Camping **** Le Moulin de l'Eclis is a kite destination par excellence shared by South Brittany and Loire-Atlantique.

The advantages of the campsite:

  • Direct access to the beach of Pont-Mahé to reach the kitesurf spot without losing a moment.
  • A kitesurf school established within the campsite to begin with a professional and progress while taking maximum pleasure,
  • A rinsing area for Kites at the entrance of the path to the beach,
  • Rental of 1 to 3 bedrooms all comfort,
  • Spacious location if you are with a trailer
  • A rental, Cottage 4/5p 2 ch*** with its individual shed to put your equipment in the shelter.

Pont-Mahé: the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing

The beach of Pont-Mahé is a dream site to learn and practice kitesurfing safely. At the edge of a pine forest and in a natural environment classified Natura 2000, Pont-Mahé Bay is a closed bay, clear of obstacles where the water is shallow. You have foot everywhere, even far from the edge. Known for its moderate and steady wind, this Breton lagoon is not disturbed by any wave or current. Many assets that make the bay of Pont-Mahe an essential destination for kitesurfing between Brittany South and Loire-Atlantique.

Take classes or take a kitesurf course: ESSENTIAL to progress!

As soon as you arrive at Le Moulin de l'Éclis campsite, your instructor will be waiting for you on the beach. Passionate kitesurf for 20 years, Maxime Pierlot shares with you his passion on the spot of Pont-Mahé, in conditions of comfort and optimal safety. Since 2006, the founder of the Plaisirkite kitesurfing school offers teaching and equipment adapted to practitioners of all ages and levels, from initiation to development. You will learn how to fly your kite and place your kite in the flight window, take off again in the water as soon as the kite falls or get on the board and stabilize your standing position. The progression is generally very fast and after a few sessions, you will be able to slide on longer distances, to acquire more autonomy and freedom!

Consult more infos on the Kitesurf School PlaisirKite

Who can do kitesurfing?

The practice of kitesurfing is within the reach of all and it is not necessary to be a champion of surf to excel in the field. It is above all an endurance sport that works the arms, shoulders and back over time, but does not require too much effort. If you are not particularly sporty, you still have to expect a few aches the next day. There is no age limit to learn kitesurfing. From 10-12 years old (35 kg minimum), children can discover the activity. There are indeed wings adapted to each template. On the learning side, if you already practice sailing, surfing, windsurfing or even kiting, you leave with a little head start.

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

As with all sports practiced in the wild, zero risk does not exist. However, the vast majority of accidents are due to the imprudence of the kitesurfer and the use of inappropriate equipment. That is why it is very important to take classes with a qualified and experienced professional who will explain the safety rules and best practices to adopt to avoid hurting yourself or someone else.

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