La Baule bay

The coastline of the peninsula initially begins with the Bay of La Baule between the ports of Pornichet and Pouliguen is a sandy strip facing south, with a length of 9 km.

Wild Coast:

The Wild Coast, which stretches from the tip of Penchâteau Pouliguen at the forefront of Croisic and La Turballe to Pénestin. Here the coast takes the form of a rocky coastline where successive coves, peaks, cliffs, caves.

The "Côte d'Amour":

It designates the coast stretching from Saint Nazaire to Piriac-sur-Mer.
In 1911, a competition was organized by a weekly to give a name to this coastal area that was coming off a big tourist boom. Love Coast won the votes of readers.
The Coast of Love encompasses all of the Guérande peninsula. The towns and resorts are Saint-Nazaire, Pornichet, La Baule, Le Pouliguen, Le Croisic, Batz-sur-Mer, Guérande, La Turballe, Piriac-sur-Mer and Mesquer.

Le Croisic:

Located on the coast of the Loire-Atlantique, about twenty kilometers north-west of the estuary of the Loire. Croisic, Batz-sur-Mer and Le Pouliguen stand on former rocky islands connected to the mainland by a sand deposit that formed the dunes of La Baule. Just across the harbor, a few dozen meters to swim, Pen-Bron was also connected to the mainland by sand deposits that formed the dune. These two belts of sand were thus isolated a marine area that has become calmer and that is transformed into mudflat, done for over a thousand years in salt marshes. rocky shores, dunes, mudflats and marshes are therefore very varied landscapes that are found to Croisic.