Guerande and the salt marshes

darling of the Dukes of Brittany city Guérande dominates the two countries marked contrasts: the Pays Blanc, the salt and the salt marshes, and the Black Country, the peat and the Brière Regional Natural Park.

medieval walled city, Guérande has attracted famous writers like Flaubert and Balzac above.

Since 2004 Guérande belongs to the prestigious network of 137 towns and regions of art and history, recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication for the richness of their heritage.

The salt marshes:

Between Loire and Vilaine, the Atlantic has sculpted in the Guérande peninsula shoreline that man has a shape Breton soul.

Secret villages stretch from here and there, dominated by granite island of Batz-sur-Mer while the top of a hillside Guérande the medieval guards the country of which it is the capital: Gwen Rann, meaning in Breton: Le Blanc Country.

This landscape of a thousand mirrors of water reflects the long tradition of this work over time and nature ...
Area of ​​2,000 hectares divided into two areas, one around the Traict Croisic, the largest, covers the municipalities of Batz, Guérande, La Turballe. The other is located beyond the guérandais hill and covers 350 hectares in the municipalities of Mesquer, Saint-Molf and Assérac.